Private Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are offered once a week for either 45 minutes or 1 hour. Lessons consist of interpretation, technique, theory, ear training, rhythm, sight reading, and ensemble playing (duets). The fees are payable at the first lesson of each month and are determined by how many lessons are in that particular month.

Piano Readiness Program

Donna’s Piano Studio is offering a Pre Piano Curriculum that teaches the musical concepts through games and exploration. It is a piano readiness program that does not require the student to own a piano. Some of the concepts covered are singing, listening, rhythm (percussion instruments), keyboard geography, patterns, and improvisation. Great preparation for traditional piano lessons!

Ages: 3-5 years

Class Size: Maximum 8 students

Class Length: 30 minutes once a week

Date & Time: Please contact me for dates and location

Duration of Program: 15 weeks